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Re: [council] Fw: [ga] Re: Last minute changes to Verisignagreements

Agreed.  As you will have noted from the agenda for the next NC meeting, I
will be proposing a response for consideration by the NC .

I think your comments re .net and .org are very much to the point and should
b reflected in amendments to the NC business plan .
I would like to see the proposed .net and .org TF tasked with preparing a
policy options paper which:
(i) identifies the key issues and the options avbailable ;and
(ii) will provide a clear focus for further discussion and consultation on
the issue.

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Subject: [council] Fw: [ga] Re: Last minute changes to Verisignagreements

> Erica:
> Thanks for your well-considered suggestion. I support Options 1 and 2, but
do not think that Option 1 would be effective, given the obvious desire of
ICANN staff to circumvent the DNSO when convenient. They know we are
concerned. They don't care.
> I would take careful note of who on the Board voted for and against the
proposal. We can keep this in mind when we elect the next DNSO
representatives. We should also take seriously those working for a more
representative Board via more rapid implementation of at-large elections.
> More significant than either of those, however, would be for the NC to be
more pro-active.
> Why don't we start a task force _now_ on ORG and NET divestiture. This
group could develop authoritative policy recommendations regarding the
status of ORG, and the seletion of a registry operator for NET?
> --Milton Mueller, Noncommercial constituency
> >>> "Erica Roberts" <erica.roberts@bigpond.com> 04/02/01 08:02AM >>>
> As I see it, we have three options before us:
> 1.  Write to the Board reiterating our expression of concern about the
> of due process;
> 2.  Propose  a formal policy requiring an appropriate consultation process
> on all issues which are viewed by two or more DNSO constituencies as
> involving policy issues;
> 3:  Do nothing

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