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[ga] Verification of Endorsement

I just visited ICANN's web site to endorse someone for member nomination.

After I had successfully endorsed the candidate of my choice I found I had

1. A saved copy of a web page indicating


Your endorsement has been recorded for the following candidate:

xxxxx xxxxxxxx"

2. The endorsement count did *not* increment. It did not increment
over a 5 minute period with several reloads of the page. It has not
incremented now, 15 minutes later, with a browser restart.

I have x'ed out who I endorsed, not because I care who knows, but
because I want to keep this discussion focused on the issue.

The issue is:

How do I know that my endorsement was not simply discarded by the server?

Many thanks,


Darrell Greenwood           mailto:Darrell_Greenwood@mindlink.net
Vancouver, BC               http://www.nyx.net/~dgreenw/

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