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[ga] Election of ICANN Board Director by the DNSO

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Since 31 July the DNSO General Assembly is in the process of selection
of ICANN Board Director.

Nominations and acceptances of candidates has been closed today, 21 August.
Five nominees accepted their nomination for the ICANN Board position,
listed below in alphabetical order:

        * Jonathan Cohen (NorthA)
        * Peter de Blanc (NorthA)
        * Jill Keogh (NorthA)
        * James P. Love (NorthA)
        * Ronald N. Weikers (NorthA)

Endorsements of candidates starts today, 21 August, and will last
for 3 weeks, ending 11 September 2000, 18:00 CET (16:00 UTC).

Endorsements should be emailed to the DNSO Secretariat at the 
following email address: icann-endorsements@dnso.org and use 
the provided Template for endorsement:

        3a. Full name of the endorser:
        3b. E-mail address of the endorser:
        3c. Full name of the accepted nominee
            you wish to endorse:
            (specific statements of endorsements
            may also be submitted and are encouraged)

In order to be considered for the ICANN Board selection
a nominee must have the support of, at least, 10 members
of the General Assembly of the DNSO.

The DNSO Names Council will select the ICANN Board Director
between 11 and 16 September.

All information about the ongoing election is available on the 
www.dnso.org website, in the section "Sujets du jour. Important topics."

DNSO Secretariat
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