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Re: [ga] Re: Single Letter Domains

At 14:52 27.05.2000 -0700, John Kaufman wrote:
>Dear Mr. Roberts, the ICANN Board of Directors, DNSO, and Other Interested 
>This email constitutes an official demand for the sale of "k.com" to the 
>undersigned without delay. Regardless of what many at your and your 
>supporting organizations have said to me about the procedures and policies 
>surrounding the single-letter domain matter, the entire issue is obviously 
>moot given that precedent has been firmly set with respect to the 
>registration of four single-letter domains -- in this case, to four 
>separate and private parties.
>Once again, this email constitutes an official demand for the sale of 
>"k.com" to the undersigned without delay.

Given the evidence that other single-letter domains have been allocated 
quite recently in the domains administered by NSI, I now think that the 
necessary next step is for NSI to explain their policy of allocation of 
these domains, since I do not understand it.

ICANN has (IMHO) no business interfering in single allocations; the 
question of who is going to own "k.com" is IMHO not an ICANN matter.
The question of what policy to follow is (IMHO) a matter where ICANN may 
have input.

                      Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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