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RE: About .eu - Was: Re: [ga] Meeting on the creation of .EU TLD(fwd)

well - let see if it works.

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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 07:55:34 +0100
From: Harald Tveit Alvestrand <Harald@Alvestrand.no>
To: !Dr. Joe Baptista <baptista@pccf.net>
Cc: Simon Higgs <simon@higgs.net>, Roberto Gaetano <roberto.gaetano@voila.fr>,
Subject: RE: About .eu - Was: Re: [ga] Meeting on the creation of .EU  TLD

At 00:48 20.03.00 -0500, you wrote:
>Can you explain to me what this horseshit is all about?
>I am still unable to post to the ga list.  Sure I can post to the ga-full,
>but then anyone can.  I have been unable to post to the ga-rules and I'm
>holding you responsible for that.

I haven't seen a single bounced message to the GA list from you that did 
not copy at least one other mailing list.
These postings were filtered according to the "no crossposting" rule, which 
has been in effect roughly forever, and which you are quite aware of.

The message I am replying to now was copied the domain-policy list.
I'm breaking my tradition of not replying to lists I am not a member of
in case anyone is unaware of this; I won't continue the practice.

>As you can see, your assistant Mr. Walsh is now slimming me again in the
>ga-rules and being unable to post - i can't defend myself.

Sure you can, but not while copying domain-policy.

>When Jeff called you people in control of the GA horseshitter - I think he
>was being rather kind.

No comment.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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