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[ga] Older registrations

At 17:15 19.03.00 -0800, Simon Higgs wrote:
>"The IANA's File of iTLD Requests" (the original list of non-ccTLD 
>applications) was published by Jon Postel on behalf of IANA here on Dec 
>5th 1996:

Thank you for the reference.
especially interesting was the heading saying

>In most cases if a reply was sent at all it said something like:
>         While there is much discussion of a process for establishing
>         new registries and new top level domains taking place, no
>         conclusions have been reached as yet.
>         Request sent to the IANA for a new top level domain will be
>         filed with the many other requests.  There is some considerable
>         possibility that this particular request will not be granted
>         (in simple words -- don't plan on it).

and the fact that Chris Ambler's ".WEB" request was #3 in the list
for that particular TLD.....


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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