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About .eu - Was: Re: [ga] Meeting on the creation of .EU TLD, Brussels, 28 March

Any further comments on .eu?


>Dear Names Council of the DNSO,
>I write to request you assistance in passing the following invitation 
>those within your constituencies who may have an interest in the 
>of a .EU TLD.
>In an attempt to reach the wider Internet community, this notice will 
>posted to a number of mailing lists.  Apologies to those who subscribe 
>more than one of those lists for any multiple postings.
>Fay Howard
>CENTR General Manager
>Invitation to attend an open Meeting on the Creation of .EU Top Level 
>Brussels, 28 March 2000.
>On 2 February 2000, the European Commission published a Working Paper 
>the creation of a .EU Top Level Domain for public comment. CENTR, the 
>Council of European National Top Level Domains formed a working group 
>consider the Commission's Working Paper. A press release followed 
>indicating CENTR's intention to initiate wide consultation before 
>responding to the Commission. In the course of these consultations, it 

>became clear that a public meeting would enable CENTR members and other
>interested groups to benefit from expert opinion and take input from 
>areas of the European Internet Community.
>CENTR will therefore host an open meeting in Brussels on  Tuesday, 28 
>2000 at which interested parties may attend and give their views. 
>Representatives of the European Commission, ICANN board and staff and 
>constituencies of the DNSO will be invited as well as legal and 
>experts in relevant fields.
>Apologies for the short notice but we feel it is important to be able 
>give the Commission our report as quickly as possible.
>With the benefit of input from the open meeting, CENTR proposes to 
>the six questions raised in the Commission working Paper and give 
>additional input to the Commission. The report will be published before
>March 2000.
>The agenda of the meeting will focus on some fundamental issues 
>the following:
>Issues for the agenda:
>1. The consequences of creating .EU from the perspective of the 
>end user, and the demand for such Domain Names throughout Europe
>- Business initiatives and e-commerce developments
>- Addressing consumer protection and consumer confusion
>- Preventing the need for defensive registrations by current Domain 
>2. The legal implications of creating .EU
>- Competition issues
>- law governing registration agreements with .eu TLD registrants and 
>jurisdiction of courts in member states;
>- domain name dispute avoidance and online dispute resolution,
>- Domain Name warehousing and cybersquatting issues
>3. The registration policies appropriate to such a new Top Level Domain

>- Neutral second level domains
>- Appropriate registrants (EU institutions only, businesses in the EU, 

>    persons...)
>- Consequence of EU naming policies on ccTLD registries in the 15 
>    states
>4.The role of the national Internet communities in the process of 
>determining the  creation of such a new TLD.
>- Clarification of the consultation and decision making process within 
the EU
>- Clarification of the consultation and decision making process within 
>- Next Steps
>Meeting Information:
>There is no charge for attendance.
>The meeting will commence at 9.30 and the open session will finish at 
>after which a closed session will take place to review input and draft 
>Lunch will be provided.
>La Maison de l'Europe a la Bibliotheque Solvay
>137 Rue Belliard
>1040 Brussels
>Further information:
>For further information about the meeting or CENTR :
>This invitation and the agenda will be posted to the CENTR Website:
>URL: http://www.centr.org
>In order to assess numbers for catering and provision of papers, you 
>requested to complete the registration form below and return to the 
>***************Registration form******************
>To CENTR Secretariat <Michaela@centr.org>
>E-mail Address:
>Council of European National Top level domain Registries
>Sandford Gate
>Sandy Lane West
>Oxford OX 4 5LB
>Tel: +44 (0)1865 332400
>Fax: +44 (0)1865 332401
>email <secretariat@centr.org>
>URL: http://www.centr.org
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