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[ga] Re: [IFWP] Re: [aso-policy] RE: [aso-comment] IPaddressholders - are they represented?

David and all,

David R. Conrad wrote:

> Richard,
> > Would I be wrong then in taking your positon to be "IP addresses should
> > be managed by a technical process, while domain names should be managed
> > by a political process"?
> I do not necessarily feel political processes are the best mechanism to manage
> the DNS, rather I'd say political processes are appropriate for the creation
> of the policies by which the DNS is managed.

  Well this is basically saying the same thing as Richard was saying, David.  But
of course you already knew that.  I suspect Richard, and many other readers
of this list do as well.

> > It seems to me, so far that professional politicians have had their
> > way with the DNS and the, as you say "people affected" have had
> > pretty mush no say at all.
> ICANN is still new.  I remain hopeful.

  Hope springs eternal, doesn't it!  >;)  Hope is the mother of
all men as well....  Hope against reality is just that, Hope....
It has very little meaning nor does it necessarily engender
proper action....

> Rgds,
> -drc


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