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[ga] Is ICANN replacing the ga with its new site?

    It appears that ICANN has decided that the solution to deciding what the 
ga list membership is or is not lies in creating something entirely new to 
supplant it.  If you haven't visited ICANN in the last few days, you might 
want to.
    ICANN has just set up, as of February 25,  a new at large category 
"individual membership"  website, where they give out tracking numbers, 
request that you use only one email address and even provide encrypted 
    Just so we know who is here and over there as they begin to ramp up that 
membership, we could all volunteer to list our names, snail mail addresses, 
and all the email sites we might use here.  I have a number of email 
addresses, as does most everyone with any quantity of mail.  The 573 messages 
I just went through on my aol account from 2/2-23/2000 on this list are 
matched by hundreds of others at various locations.  
    I don't see why this list or any other should suggest that anyone limit 
oneself to just one email address, anymore than one would reasonably be told 
to limit one's physical location to a certain locale to remain a "member".  
    By the way, it is very quiet here, until March 3.  I kind of miss the 
Petur Williams     Wmsptur@aol.com      pswms@netscape.net
    Wmspetur@cs.com      etc. 
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