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Re: [ga] Is ICANN replacing the ga with its new site?

On Sun, Feb 27, 2000 at 01:35:54AM -0500, WmsPtur@aol.com wrote:
>     It appears that ICANN has decided that the solution to deciding what the 
> ga list membership is or is not lies in creating something entirely new to 
> supplant it.

The creation of the At-Large membership has absolutely nothing to do
with the travails of the GA.  The At-Large membership of ICANN and the
GA of the DNSO are two totally separate things.  ICANN has been working
on the At-Large membership for quite some time; it is described in the
bylaws; setting up the at-large membership is a requirement that must be
met before DOC will transfer control of the root zone to ICANN.

>  If you haven't visited ICANN in the last few days, you might 
> want to.
>     ICANN has just set up, as of February 25,  a new at large category 
> "individual membership"  website, where they give out tracking numbers, 
> request that you use only one email address and even provide encrypted 
> access.  

It is a requirement that each member of the AL must be a single unique 
human bing.  They don't care if you have multiple addresses -- just 
that you use only one address in interactions with ICANN.

>     Just so we know who is here and over there as they begin to ramp up that 
> membership, we could all volunteer to list our names, snail mail addresses, 
> and all the email sites we might use here.  I have a number of email 
> addresses, as does most everyone with any quantity of mail.  The 573 messages 
> I just went through on my aol account from 2/2-23/2000 on this list are 
> matched by hundreds of others at various locations.  
>     I don't see why this list or any other should suggest that anyone limit 
> oneself to just one email address, anymore than one would reasonably be told 
> to limit one's physical location to a certain locale to remain a "member".  

A residency requirement is extremely common in normal political votes.  
It is extremely common, also, that you must be a member of a mailing 
list before you can post to it.

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