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[ga] lawyers can at times be suck clowns - or the future of the GA@DNSO.org

Joe and all,

  Agreed to a point.  The software that they are using is from Duke University
called "Web Board".  Not very easy to use as a standard Mailing list is
much better.  I have informed Diane Cambell of that short coming.  I also
noticed that very few if any are participating.  I think this is because the
is as you indirectly indicate, and I have passed on to the Berkman center and
Diane that it is not very useful.

  I would say that the idea is good one and does offer a much more open
discourse platform.
To Wit:
"One part of the deliberative process is education; however, software for this
purpose is readily available. Text, audio and video files can all be downloaded
to provide briefing and other
background information; therefore, the Berkman Center's report will not focus
on the
delivery of introductory educational materials. Nor will we consider in-depth
methods for
selecting a statistically representative sample of the community; for this
phase of the
Open Governance study, we are assuming that any individual can join the
given minimal authentication of identity. Instead, we are focusing on the
unique to deliberation, namely the ability to freely discuss an issue, to
clearly hear
dissenting      viewpoints and to find an acceptable resolution that is
considered valid
and authentic by the community."

  I would be nice and prudent for the DNSO to adopt this approach, which it
had prior to recent questionable practices.

!Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:

> I see the Berkman boys have been doing extreme work with their tools.  And
> the Markel Foundation is paying for it.  This "software" should be
> somewhat entertaining.  I do have serious doubts it will amount to
> anything of value - except for more ICANN/IBM/Berman propaganda.
> Little Ben Edleman our Berkman resident control freak and all purpose lier
> in training must be having a ball with this one, as it looks like an
> attempt to gain control of the processes.  For all it worth - here's the
> data on this.
>  * Open Governance--a New Framework for Deliberative Democracy: As part of
>  our effort to encourage civic participation in Internet governance,  the
>  Berkman Center is working to create a specification for software for
>  online deliberation, grounded in the theory of consensus and discourse
>  generally. Sponsored by the Markle Foundation, the specification is for
>  use in the deliberative processes of the Internet Corporation for Assigned
>  Names and Numbers (ICANN) but also to facilitate deliberation on other
>  issues of importance to online and offline communities, and for education.
>  We are sharing our work-in-progress in order to solicit substantive
>  feedback from the Internet community at large. Follow the link below to
>  learn more:
>       <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/projects/deliberation/>


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