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Re: [ga] *IF* ICANN fails what about UN?

At 22:46 23.02.00 +0100, Mikael Pawlo wrote:

>Yadi, yadi, yadi.
>ICANN would be fine competetor in the cleaning houses-business if no one
>considered the ways and directions ICANN should be working in and towards.
>I thought the GA was more of a policy-thinking assembly than an executive
>one, thus ICANN the executive force. (Yes I wrote that the scholars leave
>the GA (not ICANN))

Hmmm....I do not think of myself as a scholar, yet I think of myself as 
being able to think about matters of policy. Should I feel slighted?

My personal feeling is that if ICANN fails, we'll have to go through the 
whole exercise over again, and the end result is likely to have the same 
faults as ICANN, since the external pressures that are the basis for these 
faults (money power in a few hands, little coherence among the users, deep 
distrust among both the users and the money powers towards governmental 
solutions) remain much the same.

My personal reaction to this feeling is that I spend some of my time trying 
to see if aspects of ICANN can be made to work better.

>Anyway, I only got one serious response to my question so I guess things
>are as they always were on this list.

Not quite - you didn't get flamed this time, I think.
There may still be hope.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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