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RE: [ga] Matters to discuss ... Am I a member?

At 23:57 21.02.00 -0400, Peter de Blanc wrote:

>Do i need a digital ID?
>NO. I know who i am, thank you, and I AM a member of the GA, as much as
>anyone can be.
>Let's not get so technoid that  we  dis-enfranchise those who don't know the
>It's difficult enough to even find, or think of finding 5000 people without
>all these barriers to entry. Please keep it simple.

My wish too. As simple as possible - but no simpler.

On the other hand - if I were to register the nonexistent persons hta1, 
hta2 and hta3@alvestrand.no as GA members, and claim voting rights for them 
- what would be the mechanism we could use to grant you voting rights, and 
deny it to the nonexistent persons?

Some people argue strongly against "challenge when suspected", because it's 
inherently unfair (loud cheaters get caught, quiet cheaters don't). Others 
bemoan the cost and privacy invasions of any across-the-board ID validation 

It's a tough question, IMHO.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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