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RE: [ga] Matters to discuss ... Am I a member?

I've been listening to this noise for a long time, and trying diligently to
find some substance in here. Also waiting to post until I had something of

I think i  am a member of the GA-
I know I am the admin of .VI
I know that i've been physically present at all the GA meetings
I know that i was the scribe  at one of the meetings (that NI Quanor
chaired), was it Santiago, or LA? ( old-timer's disease kicking in ;-)  )

Do i need a digital ID?

NO. I know who i am, thank you, and I AM a member of the GA, as much as
anyone can be.

Let's not get so technoid that  we  dis-enfranchise those who don't know the

It's difficult enough to even find, or think of finding 5000 people without
all these barriers to entry. Please keep it simple.

Peter de Blanc  PJD6
.VI admin

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Joe and all,

Joe Kelsey wrote:

> Harald Tveit Alvestrand writes:
>  > - Who are the GA members?
>  >    - What is the definition of a GA member?
> The DNSO GA shall consist of individuals who apply to be recognized as
> members.  The member recognition process must attempt to weed out
> "personas" from real people.

 Of course, what you are suggesting would be a shift or change from what has

already been done or is in effect currently with the exception of some
that certain members have taken to in violation of the current documented
and obviously excepted method.

If a change in this policy is warranted or desired I offer the following
to your suggestions Joe:

  Of course this should be done in as much as it is possible.  In some
this not feasible however.  Many of us here know this.

>  The basic recognition process must
> associate a specific e-mail address with a specific, verifiable person.
> The only way to do this currently is to use a PKI certificate signed by
> a recognized signer which validates physical identity before creating
> the certificate.

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