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Re: [ga] GA Rules don't go far enough

On Wed, Feb 16, 2000 at 07:16:53PM -0800, Joe Kelsey wrote:
> !Dr. Joe Baptista writes:
>  > On Wed, 16 Feb 2000, Joe Kelsey wrote:

Joe, if I may be so bold -- the existence of list rules doesn't mean 
that you have to pay attention to everybody.


> Please provide specific references to what part of the bylaws
> specifically states that this is *not* a professional society.  I do not
> believe that you can provide facts since you have yet to cite a single
> verifiable fact in any posting you have ever made.

In spirit you are correct, Mr Baptista and Mr Meyer are incorrect,
though the terminology is different.  The intent of *all* the SOs in the
ICANN structure is to provide expert guidance -- they are explicitly
referenced as "advisory bodies":

    "There shall be advisory bodies known as Supporting Organizations."

The intent of the bylaws and those that crafted the bylaws is that the
SOs will provide professional expertise in the area the SO is
responsible for.  The term "professional organization", however, is
usually used to mean "an organization in support of a particular
profession", and that is not what the SOs are -- they are advisory
bodies.  You are correct, therefore, in your statement that the membership 
of the SOs should professional level.  Of course, there are several 
quite disparate professions involved -- legal and public policy 
expertise are important, as well as technical and operational 

It is, however, most emphatically the case that political representation
was not the prime intent of the SOs (though of course some
representational issues are unavoidable). 


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