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Re: [ga] Deliberative Discourse Research Project


  Good idea.  What are the goals specifically?

David "Dude" Jenson

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cabell@mama-tech.com writes:

<< Deliberative Discourse Research Project
 The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School is
 conducting a study of online discourse and deliberation.  The goal of
 the research is the design of a set of specifications that can be used
 by online communities to raise issues of concern, explore and evaluate
 alternatives, debate and discuss and, finally, sample community opinion.
 This study is expected to be completed by 1 May 2000.  The work in
 progress, in draft form, appears at
 We would welcome contributions to the analysis and design of an online
 deliberation process.  Please contact us with your comments.
 Diane Cabell
 Berkman Center for Internet & Society
 Harvard Law School
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