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Re: [ga] {Special notice to Harald Alvestrand} for: Re: [ga-abuse]Re: Identi...


  Hay Dillon!  Jeeezz guy this is as long winded I have ever
read or heard from you ever I think.  But you sure hit all the
high points, gotta give you that!  Nice piece of work here!  :)

  I am going over to Jeff's office later (Pretty quick) and see
how secure this edb.maxware.no site is.  I bet it is an easy
hack.  Not to worry Harald, no damage will occur, just got
to do my due diligence.  You won't even know I am there.
I will even give you a free report if you want Harald.  Don't
expect that on a regular basis though!  :)  Of course if I find
anything "Scary" I will let Jeff take it with him to Washington,
he was invited by NIPSI on the DDOS stuff on web sites,
I heard today.

David "Dude" Jenson

In a message dated 2/14/00 2:04:21 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
DillonM0081@aol.com writes:

<< Harald,
   Let me start here by saying that I am a strong believer in
 being open and above board.  That is why I am copying my
 reply here to the DNSO list (I hope anyway?).  Sure we can
 chat, but I would rather call you, if you don't mind?  I suggest
 this because I am rather surprised that you ask me to 'Chat'
 because you have already made your decision, as I see here:
 http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga/Arc03/msg01437.html ,
 So I am wondering what the point would be?  But I am curious
 enough to be willing to 'Chat' with you. So if you have a phone 
 Number please send it to me if you would.
   Now, as you seem to have already decided, although I believe
 very strangely and incorrectly, I have to make a few observations
 based on what I have read thus far of the DNSO Archives.  As
 I am very dismayed at you declaration that Bob Davis and James
 Touton are non-people or the same person as Jeff Williams, all of which
 I know personally as I already told you, and as did David Jenson.  I
 am also dismayed at the amount of information that both James and
 Bob already provided including independent options for you to follow
 up on, and did not do so, and yet arrive at the determination that 
 Bob and James are non-people or the same person as Jeff Williams.
 BTW two things.  You never answered my questions and you 
 never provided James or Bob and address or phone/fax number
 by which any documentation that could be sent anyway.  Why
 not?  I know they ask for a secure one.  I think that is a smart
 or very wise requirement for sending personal or confidential
 information.  I always require the same if it is someone I am not
 familiar with that is requesting such information.  And with me
 anyway regular or registered mail for this sort of information
 in this type of deal, would be completely out of the question.
 If you find that strange, and some do, well that is your privilege
 and I don't give a dam!  This is one of the strong points of
 INEGROUP I think.
   Ethically I find your determination very odd.  I also have a strong 
 feeling that there is an ulterior motive at play here as well. As I also 
 indicated (Just below) I am a very strong believer in the INEGROUP
 ethics and privacy policy which is directly in line with "Trustee" and 
 the US privacy law.  There seems also to have been some serious
 doubt as to you legitimacy as "Co-Chair" and elections that were
 held on (Two?) occasions that were of questionable honesty in their
 conduct.  I also noticed that many others have left the DNSO list
 partly based on this and some issues surrounding Censorship
 done on a selective basis.  There is allot there in those archives,
 and in that I am a very thorough person, I will continue to review
 so as to have a balanced and complete view.  When I have 
 completed that, I will be much more able to reach a good
 determination and opinion.  I am thinking about hiring a couple
 of staff people to assist me, as there are many things that are
 troubling me very greatly as far as I have gone thus far.
   Well anyway at this point, I will close here and say, I await
 you phone Number for our 'Chat' >-:)
 Dillon Marshall Esq.
 In a message dated 2/14/00 5:15:44 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
 Harald@Alvestrand.no writes:
 << At 08:08 14.02.00 -0500, DillonM0081@aol.com wrote:
  >   What David said below in response to your question, Harald, was
  >as I remember as well.  I have known Bob and James both, about the
  >same amount of time, 5 or 6 years.  I have known Jeff a little longer
  >than that.  I have also done some business with Jeff and Bob.
  >I am not a member of INEGROUP BTW, but I am supportive of
  >their direction and strongly support their ethics.  If that makes
  >me "Persona non grata" or a non-person and gets me kicked
  >off this list, well go right ahead, I couldn't care less.  I only 
  >to send this out anyway, but might stick around for a while and see
  >what develops or share some ideas with everyone.  But if I see
  >any denigrating unjustifiably or "Who are you" sort of stuff, I am
  >out of here... That is just pure "Bull".
  Since you are not an INEGroup member, and therefore suposedly not 
  restricted by the strange rules that supposedly prevent "Bob" and "James" 
  from providing me with any kind of identification or verifiable identity, 
  perhaps you can provide me with your contact details, so that we can chat?
  Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway
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