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[Fwd: [ga] Re: [ga-abuse] Re: Request for clarification to:Re: [Admin]Challenge of identity]

All DNSO'ers,

  Forwarded with permission....

James, Harald and all,

  I can accurately concur with James comments and facts stated below.
I am currently preparing a chronology of these E-mail exchanges for
notification purposes to the relevant US government agencies of which
this activity may be of interest or have ask for specifically in the past.

  Several press and news agencies/organizations have also ask for
this information as well.  I will be sure that they also receive it although
it will be sent separately.

James Touton wrote:

> Harald,
>   Yes the message is Jeff on the message for the voice system installed.
> It also say a few other things does it not.  Besides, you have not called that
> number
> as all incoming calls are logged and sent to our online log in real time.  You
> also
> left no message as the answering message clearly indicates as well.
> Interesting.
>   You were also provided with several other independent sources to make
> your query request to be satisfied.  You have not done that to my knowledge
> as well.  We are notified under state and federal statute and prior arrangement
> should those organizations be queried.  That has yet to occur to our knowledge.
> Hence, you statement here is incorrect as the evidence clearly indicates.
> And I am NOT playing.  I know that Bob wouldn't as well.
>   I am getting the impression as I see on the list others are as well, that
> it is YOU and Roberto that are "PLAYING"...
> James Touton
> Legal and Policy Advisory Council,
> INEGRoup (Stakeholder)
> Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
> > At 17:40 13.02.00 -0800, James Touton wrote:
> > >Harald and all assembly members remaining,
> > >
> > >Well Harald, with all due respect, both I and Bob Davis have provided
> > >you privately with more than ample information and documentation to
> > >substantiate your request.  I have noticed that you have not followed up
> > >however very well, as have Bob and Jeff as well as several US and State
> > >Government agencies.  This is of course your choice and your own
> > >affair.  None the less, I don't know that you exist either in reality, so I
> > >somewhat find your request a bit odd.
> >
> > You have provided me with nothing that can be verified with an independent
> > agency except a single telephone number, which answers "This is Jeff" when
> > called.
> >
> > Thank you for not playing.
> >
> >                        Harald A
> >
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> > Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway
> > Harald.Alvestrand@edb.maxware.no
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