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[ga] False claims from Harald Part II - Fwd with permission...

All DNSO'ers,

  The following is forwarded with permission....

Jeff, you are not terribly interesting.
Please read the rules under which the challenge is made.

At 05:42 12.02.00 -0800, Jeff Williams wrote:
>Harald and all,
>What is the basis for this claim to be creditable?

Let's see what the indications are:

- All the persons allege membership in "INEGroup", which nobody has ever
   seen any other proof of the existence of
- All the persons run to long-winded sentences with bad grammar
- All the persons agree perfectly on every matter of substance
- None of the persons show any self-restraint when posting to the list,
   either in number of postings or in the tone of voice used

There's more, but this will suffice for now.

>Who is making this claim?
>On what grounds?  And where is the evidence for this claim?

William X. Walsh made the challenge.
I as the list monitor decided to press it.

>  What is this
>person or persons identity?  Can he or she prove their identity?  Have
>they or even you proven your identity to everyone on the DNSO GA
>list?  To my knowledge you have not.  Why are James Touton
>and Bob Davis being singled out?  Is it reasonable to do so?
>If so what are the justifications?

See above.

>   What are the forms of identity you are requesting?

See previous message. Alternate suggestions for proof are appreciated.

>   Is everyone else
>required to provide this or any forms of identification that are on this list?

No, just the ones that are challenged, and where the list monitor finds the 
challenge credible.

>If not, why not, given that YOU and this mystery person (Joe Kelsey or Ken
>are making this request?  How do you justify this?

See above.

>   If I do not receive answers that are substantial I shall copy this to
>the DOJ per their request, and every member of this list.  You have
>7 days to comply before this action is taken.  If these reasonable
>questions are not answered in advance of your request for info.
>and the 7 days expire, the next step may be necessary.  If you protest
>this request, please let me know what the nature in detail of your protest
>is and it shall receive independent and blind review by an unknown to
>me or you, third party.  I hope you find this satisfactory.

Not at all.

I requested that you prove to my satisfaction that you, Bob Davis and Jim 
Touton are distinct persons.
If you decline to comply with that request, I will cause Bob Davis and Jim 
Touton to be denied posting rights to the GA list.

Do you accept or decline the request for proof of identity?

                 Harald Tveit Alvestrand
                  List monitor, GA list
Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway