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[ga] Re: Your message

Mark wrote:

> <snip>
>However, things may be too polarised.

I'm not so sure.

I have seen that most people, acting in good faith, express positions 
that are in the beginning diverging, but that can be later on converging
 due to consideration of opportunity (least evil better than 
unachievable good).

And sometimes you have surprises, like the passage below from Karl:

>> There is this strange notion handed down the the NC that membership 
in the
>> GA is composed of exactly the names on the GA mailing list.  As such,
 if a
>> name is not found on the GA mailing list (even if that person 
receives GA
>> mail via a censored exploder) then that person is not a member of the
>> The notion of "membership" needs to be decoupled from the notion of 
>> on the mailing list".

Why do we think we have disagreement on this, it escapes me.

The NC already defined the "nominating body" (very close to Membership, 
IMHO) as something different from the GA-list in both nominations.

Personally, I posted at least a couple of messages saying that the 
Membership implies a "contract" with power and duties, that the 
participation on a mailing list does not, which makes the two bodies 
substantially different.

I assume that this is an element on which we have wide convergence.

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