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Re: [ga] A little bit of fun at the chairs expense

Joe Baptista wrote:

>Some time ago - I sent out a mass communication to thousands of civil
>servants complaining about Robert Shaw of the ITU - a good friend of 
>Chair Mr. Gatito.
>Ever since that day - I get this autoreply back from his mailer.  I 
>really make his day and undertake what he desparately does not want.  I
>have fun when it comes to international civil servants.
>>    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
>> ... while talking to fortress.iaea.org.:
>> >>> MAIL From:<baptista@pccf.net>
>> <<< 550 Access from pccf.net Denied Due to SPAM.  Please see http://
>> 554 <R.Gaetano@iaea.org>... Service unavailable

Thank you for pointing out that you are in the Anti-spam list of the 
IAEA, I was not aware of this.
The reason can be one of the following:

- somebody at the Agency may have thought that sending thousands of E-
Mail is spam, and acted consequentially
- some civil servant at the Agency, maybe somebody deeply involved in 
activities like the formalization of the trilateral warheads reduction, 
or the inspections at nuclear facilities in Iraq, or the decontamination
 of soil after the Chernobyl accident and restart of agricultural 
activity in the area may have not appreciated being distracted by E-Mail
 on an irrelevant subject

Not everybody has my patience and your sense of humour :>)


P.S.: BTW, if your intention was to hurt me as you declared, be aware 
that your second "mass communication" has had the same effect as your 
first one against Bob Shaw: nothing.
In fact, to read the personal answers to me from the people you 
contacted was a nice funny parenthesis in my activities, thank you very 
much. Too bad that I respect the Netiquette and that I cannot share with
 the list some of the comments I received :>)
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