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Re: [ga] A little bit of fun at the chairs expense

On Sun, 13 Feb 2000, Roberto Gaetano wrote:

> >
> >Some time ago - I sent out a mass communication to thousands of civil
> >servants complaining about Robert Shaw of the ITU - a good friend of 
> our
> >Chair Mr. Gatito.
> >
> >Ever since that day - I get this autoreply back from his mailer.  I 
> should
> >really make his day and undertake what he desparately does not want.  I
>  do
> >have fun when it comes to international civil servants.
> >
> >>    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
> >> ... while talking to fortress.iaea.org.:
> >> >>> MAIL From:<baptista@pccf.net>
> >> <<< 550 Access from pccf.net Denied Due to SPAM.  Please see http://
> www.iaea.org/general/spam.html
> >> 554 <R.Gaetano@iaea.org>... Service unavailable
> >
> Thank you for pointing out that you are in the Anti-spam list of the 
> IAEA, I was not aware of this.
> The reason can be one of the following:

I don't believe you.

> - somebody at the Agency may have thought that sending thousands of E-
> Mail is spam, and acted consequentially
> - some civil servant at the Agency, maybe somebody deeply involved in 
> activities like the formalization of the trilateral warheads reduction, 
> or the inspections at nuclear facilities in Iraq, or the decontamination
>  of soil after the Chernobyl accident and restart of agricultural 
> activity in the area may have not appreciated being distracted by E-Mail
>  on an irrelevant subject

That's impossible.  But entertaining.

> Not everybody has my patience and your sense of humour :>)

You are patient.  I've watched you reply to each one and am pleased with
you.  Keep it up.

> Regards
> Roberto
> P.S.: BTW, if your intention was to hurt me as you declared, be aware 
> that your second "mass communication" has had the same effect as your 
> first one against Bob Shaw: nothing.

I have no intention of hurting you.  You are a paranoid little
creature.  Were just ensuring our investigation is complete.

> In fact, to read the personal answers to me from the people you 
> contacted was a nice funny parenthesis in my activities, thank you very 
> much. Too bad that I respect the Netiquette and that I cannot share with
>  the list some of the comments I received :>)

You should read them more carefully.  You have only served to confuse

Joe Baptista

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