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[ga] A little bit of fun at the chairs expense

Some time ago - I sent out a mass communication to thousands of civil
servants complaining about Robert Shaw of the ITU - a good friend of our
Chair Mr. Gatito.

Ever since that day - I get this autoreply back from his mailer.  I should
really make his day and undertake what he desparately does not want.  I do
have fun when it comes to international civil servants.

>    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
> ... while talking to fortress.iaea.org.:
> >>> MAIL From:<baptista@pccf.net>
> <<< 550 Access from pccf.net Denied Due to SPAM.  Please see http://www.iaea.org/general/spam.html
> 554 <R.Gaetano@iaea.org>... Service unavailable