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Re: [ga] Another Resignation- And many thanks to your efforts Joe...

Joe and all assembly members remaining,

  I am relieved to hear that Roberto Gaetano will be indisposed at least
for a period of time.  I am sure others are relieved as well.  Please
add me to you postings as a reference to Roberto Gaetano's employer
as to my displeasure and dismay as to his nefarious activities of late
on this list.  I will be more than happy to provide them with sufficient
documentation as to his disruptive manor and potentially fallacious
comments as well as activities.

!Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:

> On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Mark Measday wrote:
> > Mr Auerbach's proposal that the ga constitute itself as a audit
> >function of DNSO and relevant ICANN proceedings also had extreme merit,
> >in my view.
> I am in full support of this.
> > I had hoped that Mr Gaetano's Chair would constitute an
> >agenda,. recruit representatives for the Cairo meeting etc, but this does
> >not seem to have happened yet.
> I have been working with Mr. Gaetano recently in fixing some email problem
> over at his place of employment the International Automic Enery
> Agency.  He has been very busy for the last three days cutting, pasteing
> and personlazing stuff - so his lack of participation is due to the
> increased work load.  He's also been ordered to conduct this activity on
> his own time.  I expect Mr gaetano will be available tommorrow.  His rate
> of work is a bit slow - but I think he'll manage to be finsihed tonight or
> tommorrow afternoon.
> Regards
> Joe baptista

James Touton
Legal and Policy Advisory Council,
INEGRoup (Stakeholder)

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