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Re: [ga] Re: Another DNSO web page lacuna

Joe and all DNSO'ers,

Joe Kelsey wrote:

> Bob Davis writes:
>  >   Can you give us all YOUR idea of what "Civil Discourse" is?
>  > What might be you definition?
> Nowhere have I used the term "civil discourse".

  Oh yes, of course.  I should have used "Civil Behavior".
Thank you for the clarification.

> However, I believe that the current list rules impose a set of civil
> behavior and fairness rules much needed in a focused electronic assembly
> wishing to accomplish specific tasks.  The key elements in my mind are
> the twin concepts of "civil behavior" and "fairness".

  You may believe that they do. But these "Rules" do not define
in detail what is and what is not "Civil Behavior", do they?  No,
of course they don't.  This leaves a great deal of latitude as to
what "Civil Behavior" is and what it is not.  Therefore the
"Rules" in question are circumspect.

  Your concept is and interesting STARTING point, but it to is
not well defined.  That is not satisfactory so as to be clear,
concise and definitive in definition.

> "Civil behavior" means exactly what it says.  Everyone agrees to treat
> each other with courtesy and remember not to get carried away with ad
> hominem and other off-topic arguments.

  Again this is not necessarily clear and certainly not precise.  But it
be a beginning.

>  Remember that even though you
> doubt the existence of a real person behind the electronic persona, you
> are still required to get along in a public forum.

  "Get Along"?  This depends on which side believes that they "Get Along"?
How do you defined "Get Along" in the context of this mailing list?

> "Fairness" means that everyone gets a chance to speak if they want to.

  Ok this is fine for the purposes of this forum.

> No one is allowed to filibuster by whatever means they want.  This means
> that directed denial of service attacks, such as have been employed in
> the past on this list, are inherently "unfair", since they deprive the
> majority of a voice simply because a small minority are to uncivil to
> allow room for any other discussion.

  When and whom has directed a DDOS or DOS towards this list.  I have
never seen it or experienced it sense I have been on this list.  In
with the DNSO archives I also have not seen it reported either.

> This also means that everyone does not have to respond to every single
> message, "Bob".

  No of course they do not.  I certainly don't, nor do I have time to.

>  Just because you received the message does not mean
> that you must reply to it with one or two lines simply saying that you
> agree, and then CC: everyone and their brother and all mailing lists
> that you have ever subscribed to.

It also does not mean that this should or cannot be an option that the
responder cannot take as well.  That would be improper and in my
opinion not in keeping with what in part I would consider "Civil Behavior",
which you seem very concerned about, but have yet to definitively define
in your response her to my previous question on this thread.

>  I hate to say it, but sometimes it
> seems like everyone who identifies themselves as a member of the
> mythical INEGroup acts in this manner.

  Well this may be your perception, but of course i is not well founded,
nor proved.

>  It essentially floods the list
> with meaningless traffic and seems to reinforce my personal belief that
> all such electronic personas, in fact, belong to the same real person.

  Well I am not anyone but myself, Bob Davis.  I am sorry you are seem
to be suffering from a bad conception or misconception.  But that is your
own problem and you own affair.

> Of course, it is very easy to disprove the above statements about the
> mythical INEGroup.  Simply have any member of the supposed group post
> verifiable data pointing to the actual, physical location of said
> group.  The undeniable fact is that no one has ever posted such data.

  We do not have a physical location much like the IETF doesn't per se.
Many of us live in just as many locations throughout the world, just as
most people and many organizations do.  Nothing too difficult to
understand or comprehend about that is there?

> /Joe

Bob Davis
INEGRopu-West Director

NetZero - Defenders of the Free World
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