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Re: [ga] Re: Another DNSO web page lacuna

Bob Davis writes:
 >   Can you give us all YOUR idea of what "Civil Discourse" is?
 > What might be you definition?

Nowhere have I used the term "civil discourse".

However, I believe that the current list rules impose a set of civil
behavior and fairness rules much needed in a focused electronic assembly
wishing to accomplish specific tasks.  The key elements in my mind are
the twin concepts of "civil behavior" and "fairness".

"Civil behavior" means exactly what it says.  Everyone agrees to treat
each other with courtesy and remember not to get carried away with ad
hominem and other off-topic arguments.  Remember that even though you
doubt the existence of a real person behind the electronic persona, you
are still required to get along in a public forum.

"Fairness" means that everyone gets a chance to speak if they want to.
No one is allowed to filibuster by whatever means they want.  This means
that directed denial of service attacks, such as have been employed in
the past on this list, are inherently "unfair", since they deprive the
majority of a voice simply because a small minority are to uncivil to
allow room for any other discussion.

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