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[ga] FYI INEGRoup-West Announcment

All Assembly members (Those that are still around that is),

  This is my first post sense 02/02/00 16:00 CST.

  There have been 225 posting to this list sense my last post to this
list.  I see that contrary to some's opinion's the DNSO is still alive,
but still very ill.  This is very disconcerting.  The ill repute that
has fallen upon the DNSO I see continues and has even gotten worse
with the CENSORING of our spokesman Jeff WIlliams on very
questionable grounds from Harald, and reported supposedly by
Joe Kelsey.

  I have just returned from a short trip to Canada, and parts of the
EU.  The activities ongoing with the DNSO have been more widely
heard of than is or has been reported here.  Most of those reports,
I got first hand, were of a very negative and troubling aspect and
opinion.  This is terribly unfortunate, but not surprising.

  The predominant opinions that I gathered in conjunction with my
other duties on this trip were those surrounding the poor leadership
that the DNSO has fallen into.  Many representatives from commercial
and non-commercial organizations alike seem to be of the opinion that
the process that both ICANN and the DNSO have decidedly undertaken
as their agenda of process, is terribly flawed.  I also share this
opinion, but
did attempt to listen intently to others in this in part fact finding

  It seems that the fraud that has been ongoing and purposfully imposed
upon in the DNSO and the lack of consideration that ICANN and the
DOC have taken towards it has raised quite a few eyebrows in many
important parlance's in the EU presently.  The IETF and the IAB
were also mentioned frequently in many of the conversations and meetings

I attended in this same light.  I found this both troubling and not
except for the breadth of it.

  James Touton will be making a whir wind tour in asia upcoming along
the same lines as I did in Canada and the EU.  I hope he fairs better,
and gets a much different picture.  Somehow I am afraid he will not.
The world is such a small place you know.

  Well this is my very brief report for the moment.  If anyone has
private questions about my trip, I will of course do what I can
to answer your questions privately.

  Now I will read and review the 225 posts from this list that I have
not had an opportunity to read or review, and respond to few of them
where I feel it is appropriate to do so.

Bob Davis
INEGRoup-West Director

NetZero - Defenders of the Free World
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