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Re: [bwg+] Re: [ga] Another Resignation

> At 11:55 AM 2/11/00 -0600, Weisberg wrote:
> >This is the wrong time jump ship.  We are forming our governance. 
> Did sombody ask for governance?

Governance?! This list is a bunch of argumentative individuals, sometimes
3 or 4 personas to a person. Nothing said here has made a bit of a
difference, many of the majority positions have been ignored, and ICANN
has continued to do as it wished, finding consensus where there was
none to justify its actions after the fact. The DNSO was created
intact, the "elections" rigged for a pre-determined result, and the
working groups are impotent.

The decisions were made long in advance. Where they coincide with
the results through here, this body is given the credit. When they
do not, excuses are crafted and put forth.

In short, it's a sham. Thankfully, it's mostly irrelevant. It was
entertaining, but now it's not even that.

Unsubscribe me, too.

Christopher Ambler

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