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Re: [ga] Another Resignation

Christopher Ambler wrote:

> > At 11:55 AM 2/11/00 -0600, Weisberg wrote:
> > >This is the wrong time jump ship.  We are forming our governance.
> >
> > Did sombody ask for governance?

Governance is not necessarily the result of request.  The issue may only be
as to form.

> Governance?! This list is a bunch of argumentative individuals, sometimes
> 3 or 4 personas to a person.

Most of us already filter what we individually consider noise.  So, I don't
share that experience.

> Nothing said here has made a bit of a
> difference, many of the majority positions have been ignored,

Again, assuming the proposition, how can we best address your concern in the
context of the coming vote?

> and ICANN
> has continued to do as it wished, finding consensus where there was
> none to justify its actions after the fact. The DNSO was created
> intact, the "elections" rigged for a pre-determined result, and the
> working groups are impotent.

Again, assumed.  Are you/we not being offered a first step toward a different

> The decisions were made long in advance. Where they coincide with
> the results through here, this body is given the credit. When they
> do not, excuses are crafted and put forth.

Is not the coming vote our "hour of truth?"

> In short, it's a sham.

It could be.  If so, how better to witness it than to be there?  How else to
report it?

> Thankfully, it's mostly irrelevant. It was
> entertaining, but now it's not even that.

If it is not relevant, it has no entertainment value for me.  The General
Assembly will be what we make it.
I suggest that you at least stay for the vote.  Will the result be more to
your liking if you don't?

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