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[ga] truth in labelling

I wish to protest the labelling of the lists at

It is extremely misleading to identify all the archival GA lists as "with
rules".  There was, for a substantial period of time, no censorship.  At
some undefined point, censorship was applied secretly and arbitrarily.  It
is a falsification of history to call this "with rules" or indeed to
suggest that there is a continuity between that secret, arbitrary process
and the current, far more open, and perhaps less arbitrary process.

Please, could the person responsible for maintaining this site -- which I
hope is a person different from the one who conducted the secret and
arbitrary censorship -- make appropriate adjustments ASAP?  One useful
distinction would be to identify the point at which the secret filtering
began and segregate the historical lists accordingly; another would be to
distinguish between the recent period in which there was no filtering, and
the current regime.

Finally, although this is not an issue of historical accuracy, but just
one of convenience, would it be possible to have a link to a page with
subscribe instructions for the various lists mentioned on this page?

PS. I commend to you the practice of breaking up the archive according to
some predictable metric (monthly), with URLS that have dates rather than
arbitrary numbers such as "00" or "01".  That makes it much easier to find
stuff, and keeps files down to a reasonable size.


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