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Re: [ga] Registration process suggestion

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, William X. Walsh wrote:

> The DNSO can setup their own, signing people's OpenPGP keys themselves with a
> special signing key.  PGP is available over the net, free, to anyone.

This whole PGP business is nonsense - it's obvious you have no electoral
experience.  So sit back and learn.

Once the vote is registered - properly and the registration deposited with
Joop's trusted people the remaining process is only subjected to
verification process.  The best method is each voter name is published
with the vote.  I think this is best for assemblies - open voting
processes.  However if people insist on hiding their vote - or voting
anonymously - that same can be achived and still maintain the integrety
and validity of the vote.

A list of aliases is generated and each alias assigned to a voter with a
password.  The voter receives the alias and password from one of Joops
trusted people via email and then proceeds to vote at Joop's voting
booth.  The alias is then published with details of what each alias has
voted for.  The actual voters can then confirm their alias voted in the
way they wished.  This is the best electronic audit proceedure to gurantee
the vote free of fraud.  The voter is in fact their own auditor and the
trusted people are there incapable of committing fraud.

In a vote we must eleiminate all potential error - i.e. fraud while making
it easy for the vote to be processed.  PGP is only going to make most
eligible voters shy away from the process.

I hope we've learned something.