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RE: [ga] Registration process suggestion

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, William X. Walsh wrote:

> On the issue of identity verification, I'm rather pleased with Harald's
> proposal for dealing with that.  Publish the list, and permit challenges, that
> have to provide a copy of their identification in trust to the appointed person.

Well I'm not.  Harald and Roberto now have a well established history of
screwing up when it comes to the vote, and having been the responsible
party who trashed their fraudulent poll I think I can speak here now with
some authority.

Therefore let me make it clear that Haralds proposal is nonsense and
subject to more electoral fraud.  And I'm ready for that.

Now - if it is the pleasure of this assembly to guarantee a fraud free
vote - then I feel we should organize the vote in accordance with time
honoured traditions of voting.

Most successful political organizations including government elections
use a registration process.  In the british system it's called
enumeration.  Enumerators go door to door verifying the vote.  In other
words they don't use the trust method - they use the verification
method.  And at each door step the enumerator swears the voter is real and
does not live in a cematary under a gravestone - if you get my drift.

The same process should be deployed in the GA. Since the GA is incapable
of enumerating the world - I think the best means and cheapest is to
simply swear an affidavit who's form and content are acceptable to the
GA.  The affidavit can be sworn before a notary public or law officer.  I
feel that's sufficient to ensure no one uses false personalities or
multiple personalities to call or get out the vote - i.e. electoral fraud.

I remind you Harald your credibility is under serious duress.  Gato has no
credibility therefore I will not address that.  But I feel it's time you
pulled up your pants Harald and start building a viable GA instead of
subjecting us to this travesty you call consensus.  You choose a polling
process knowing full well it was faulty.  In fact you said you wanted to
see if people were going to cheat, and you and I know that a trashy
excuse.  You were appointed by the NC to play alternate chair and that
does not include conducting sociological experiments using the GA as your
personal guenea pigs.  Very trashy Harald.

Joe Baptista