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Re: [ga] Registration process suggestion - Joes alternitive...

Joe and all,

  I must say good points here Joe.  And it seems to me you ideas here are
accurate and workable.  Simple yet nearly fraud proof.  Not bad.  Wish
I had thought of this approach.  Nicely done!

!Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:

> On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, William X. Walsh wrote:
> > The DNSO can setup their own, signing people's OpenPGP keys themselves with a
> > special signing key.  PGP is available over the net, free, to anyone.
> This whole PGP business is nonsense - it's obvious you have no electoral
> experience.  So sit back and learn.
> Once the vote is registered - properly and the registration deposited with
> Joop's trusted people the remaining process is only subjected to
> verification process.  The best method is each voter name is published
> with the vote.  I think this is best for assemblies - open voting
> processes.  However if people insist on hiding their vote - or voting
> anonymously - that same can be achived and still maintain the integrety
> and validity of the vote.
> A list of aliases is generated and each alias assigned to a voter with a
> password.  The voter receives the alias and password from one of Joops
> trusted people via email and then proceeds to vote at Joop's voting
> booth.  The alias is then published with details of what each alias has
> voted for.  The actual voters can then confirm their alias voted in the
> way they wished.  This is the best electronic audit proceedure to gurantee
> the vote free of fraud.  The voter is in fact their own auditor and the
> trusted people are there incapable of committing fraud.
> In a vote we must eleiminate all potential error - i.e. fraud while making
> it easy for the vote to be processed.  PGP is only going to make most
> eligible voters shy away from the process.
> I hope we've learned something.
> Regards
> Joe


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