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Re: [ga] Re: electoral fraud by the ga chair - Other voting options sftw...

Harald and all,

  You really need to improve YOUR reading skills Harald.
To whit, and I quote again: " It is a rendition or our voting
software, based off of our license."   This is significantly
different form you you are trying to SPIN here or failed to
read carefully and comprehend.

  So in short, I don't believe that Marilyn Davis is a INEGRoup member.
But obviously she is s sympathizer!  >;)

Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

At 14:15 01.02.00 -0800, Jeff Williams wrote:
>Steven and all,
>   Yes, I have looked at this before.  It is a rendition or our voting
> software,
>based off of our license.

Interesting use of "our".
Does that mean that you're claiming that Frontier Systems or Marilyn Davis
is an INEGroup member? This would be a first....

>   This would be one example, of many that I would recommend to the
>DNSO.  Seems that Roberto and Harald are pushing for Kents less
>than appropriate and untested "Vote Bot" presently.

Before we can decide on software, we must figure out what we need that
software to do. So pushing for specific software seems a bit premature.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway


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