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Re: [ga] The last message concerning JW

Joe and all,

  No need to apologize for me.  But for yourself would be a good idea.
The BOT was supposed to go to the DNSO GA list and any list that you
are one to warn folks of you behavior problems.

The BOT has now been turned back on for Joe Kelsey.

Joe Kelsey wrote:

> I am once again forced to apologize for the behavior of someone else on
> this mailing list.  I guess that just goes to show you that you
> shouldn't rattle the cages, you never know what those inside might be
> provoked into doing.
> Since the "bot" has finally admitted that it is not a real entity, my
> work is done.  I will stop baiting the "bot".
> Again, I apologize for the fact that the "bot" chose to post clearly
> labelled PRIVATE e-mail to such a wide list of recipients.
> /Joe


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