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Re: [ga] A bit off topic: Trouble in Paradise? From:[Fwd: Use of IP6.INT]

At 14:23 28.01.00 -0800, Jeff Williams wrote:
>   I realize this fwd is slightly off topic so please excuse.  But it
>does have some obvious relevance here.

Yes, it is off topic. And irrelevant.

>   I have been participating on the IPv6 related IETF efforts.  It seems
>that there is some "Trouble In Paradise" with the ICANN, ITU and IETF
>on some issues.  (See fwd'ed text)
>   It seems that when Esther had her interview with CBS online after
>Santiago she spoke too soon.  Of course, she really know this but was 
>doing some PR prep work as several IETF IPv6 folks including myself had 
>her prior to that interview with CBS online.  I find this goes to 
>creditability of Esther Dyson herself as well as ICANN in general.  Not to 
>mention misleading many folks of what the future brings with high speed 

Given that the discussion referred to in the attachment started quite some 
time after Santiago, it is not unsurprising that Esther didn't know about 
it then.

>   To date IPv8 is much farther along (A private Effort) that the IETF's
>IPv6, as IPv8 is in broad deployment and has none of the problems
>well known to IPv6.  As a point of interest in inaddress translation
>with Dynamic DNS, I wonder if Esther Dyson has the straight scoop,
>or knows what is what from a technical point of view?

Note: Nobody I know has ever seen an IPv8 router.
It seems to have the same status as the members of INEGroup.

IPv6 is part of shipping products.

                 Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway