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Re: [ga] Routing problems ?

Dear list admin.,

  I would think that an announcement on various other lists also well as the

DNSO announce list would be in order?   Many others are still querying
and members of our staff as well as our spokesman they are still unable to
route to the DNSO.ORG site as well as the ga@dnso.org mailing list,
list admin address, and the council@dnso.org list.

DNSO Listadmin wrote:

> Saturday January 29th, late evening in Europe.
> It looks like routing problems prevent normal communications
> since 24 hours or so, many destinations are concerned (from what
> I see not only between US and Europe, but between European
> countries as well).
> I received some messages from the US posted to my personnal
> account, which did not arrived yet to the DNSO.Listadmin in CC
> (different routes).
> As for the dnso.org -- the server is up and running since 43 days,
> no problem here. Syslog is crowded with "Connection timed out with XYZ",
> for some XYZ, but some are reachable.
> One clarification concerning processing order: each message is first
> archived, then distributed to the list.
> If you see your post archived, but nothing arrives back to you --
> it means your message is queing and awaiting distribution (today
> it may be awaiting routing problems solved).
> Regards,
> DNSO Listadmin

Bob Davis...

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