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[ga] Re: Urgent and Confidential Joe Baptista and Karl Auerbach

Joe, Karl and all,

  Yes I did a trace route from several sources and was on the phone with
Roeland Mayer and later David Jenson with the same results.  However
James Touton and Bob Davis can reach the site and post E-Mail
to the ga@dnso.org mailing list.   That seems odd to me, not a connection
problem but rather a server or DNS problem with DNSO.ORG servers.

  Has Elisabeth or anyone been independently contacted?

Karl Auerbach wrote:

> Yes, the GA list appears to be down: Nothing has arrived here from it
> since 11:26am PST on January 28 (yesterday).  I get host unreachables
> (from a couple of different starting points) when tracerouting to
> dnso.dnso.org.
> So be calm, it looks like somebody somewhere may be having a bad routing
> day.  Nanog folks were reporting some serious problems yesterday, perhaps
> this is a reflection of it.
>                 --karl--


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