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[ga] RE: Urgent and Confidential Joe Baptista and Karl Auerbach

Harald - when were having a public discussion it is rude to make it
private.  One may be inclinded to think you hiding? Something? Further
comments follow.

On Mon, 31 Jan 2000, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

> Note: I do not copy this to the GA list.

Note: I do.  This is a public issue.

> I do not recognize a fiduciary responsibility here.

Harald - from what I understand thus far of the ICANN - DNSO structure -
you in fact do have a fiduciary responsibility and the law that applies to
you is here,


> I have identified the party you have to contact - ICANN.

No you have not.  You gave me an address - but at no time did you provide
a contact person for the address.  Then someone else - I think Karl - said
that was not the address for service and provided another.  I asked you
which address was valid and if you could check - and you have consistently
failed to do that.

All Roberto has done is hummed and hawed and said nothing of value.  I'm
not impressed, Harald.

You see - this is why people think ICANN and you boys and girls who
support the beast are all jokers.  You take longer collectively to arrive
at a straight answer and most of the times it's wrong or misleading.

Like I said before, this whole process is an Alice in Wonderland
production.  It's a mirror that reflects no substance.  It's a joke

So this reflects on you and will remain a public matter.

> The rest is *your* problem.

By the way - how is the SAA crowning going.  Have we selected an
executioner for the GA yet?

I'm still betting William X will be best suited for the task.