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[ga] Re: Urgent and Confidential Joe Baptista and Karl Auerbach

I can't browse it either and the smtp is down - no email - just got back

Anyone know what happened - were now approaching a twenty four hour


On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Jeff Williams wrote:

> Joe Karl,
>   I noticed that the DNSO site seems to be up, but I am not able to
> browse it from my netcom account.  Not a Netcom/Mindspring problem.
> I contacted James Touton and Bob Davis.  They are able to browse the
> site
> fine but E-Mail to the DNSO GA list doesn't seem to be going thru.
>   Have your or Karl noticed this problem as well still.  As you know
> Joe I spoke with you on the phone about SOME of this last night.
> Queries to the DNSO List admin. have been unfruitful....
> Regards,
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