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Re: [ga] Re: electoral fraud by the ga chair


You wrote:
>Just tell the list how many FOR and AGAINST votes you made anonymously 
>Roberto can rewrite the informal poll result.

As I said, the most evident result of the poll was the lack of 

Only an insignificant minority cared to express their opinion, and the 
figures would not have been much different with a secure voting: 
probably with a complex procedure the figures would have been even much 
The elimination from the count of irregular expressions of opinion, even
 supposing there were any, would only have had the effect of indicating 
an even lower participation.

Therefore, no need to do anything. If people intended to show their will
, they would have done so.

>Better still: The list can have another poll, this time with a proper
>voters' roll and voter passwords, on improved rules that incorporate

After the three months of experimentation with the new rules, we will 
have a vote (secure, this time) and we will see what people think.
If they prefere the "old" regime, fine, the rules will be eliminated and
 I will consider myself free to go back to other occupations. If they 
prefere the "new" regime, it will be clear that all this discussion is 
in reality much ado for nothing.

Fair enough?