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Re: [ga] Re: Harald - it's time to dance

Roberto and everybody else,

  Not to worry Roberto, Harald as well as yourself have been "Dancing"
all around the truth, you just haven't quite gotten it yet.  >;)  Of course
you think you are fooling some folks, but your not.  You are only fooling

David "Dude" Jenson
INEGRoup-East Director

In a message dated 1/27/00 11:24:06 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
roberto.gaetano@voila.fr writes:

<< Harald wrote:
 >On Jan 25, Roberto said:
 >"We will adopt the rules for a three-months period."
 >I read this as meaning that the rules are in effect from Jan 25 until 
 >25. However, they are not *enforced*, since no SAA has been appointed 
 My guess would be that the tasks assigned to the SAAs will have to wait 
 until we have them onboard, but there's no reason to delay the rest.
 In fact, the max msg size is already enforced.
 >The rules do not mention the word "motion".
 >If you wish to communicate with the SAAs, I recommend waiting until 
 >are appointed.
 But if the question is about where to address a motion, my best guess is
  "to the list" (under the assumption that it refers to matter that is 
 relevant to the DNS - if this is not the case, the motion will be out of
  order anyhow).
 >>I also suggest you post to the dnso.org web site a legal address for 
 >>purpose of notices and correspondence to the dnso.
 >A legal address of what?
 >The DNSO, the GA or me personally?
 I assume the request to be about the legal address of the DNSO, but 
 there's no such a thing, because the DNSO does not have an autonomous 
 legal existence.
 About one year ago, when we were discussing about ICANN strructure and 
 the SOs, it was decided that the SOs were not going to be incorporated 
 separately, but that they would stay under the umbrella of ICANN.
 Therefore, any legal request has to be addressed to ICANN. Joe Sims, I