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Re: RE: [ga] Re: What list forwards to what list

Karl Auerbach wrote:
>To me that intolerable garbage is e-mail that says "censorship is OK". 
>To some that intolerable garbage is e-mail that makes references to 
>But should the reaction be to gag the speaker or to individually block 
>I chose the latter approach.

You have freedom of choice, and can choose for yourself the approach you
 wish, but cannot assume that everybody will make the same choice.
Moreover, you cannot *impose* on everybody to choose your approach.

It is clear that we will not have the perfect solution that will make 
everybody happy.
Either make unhappy the ones who do not want to participate in a list 
that enforces rules, even if only about civil discourse, or make unhappy
 those who do not want to participate in a list that allows verbal 
aggression by some subscribers to the others.
I understand your question of principle, but I cannot pretend I don't 
hear the reasons of the others.

This is a common problem. Abusers are everywhere, and the current 
tendency, in our imperfect world, is to prevent abuse, or punish it, not
 to turn the head on the other side and pretend you don't see.

Wanna make a test? Pick the public debate of your choice in the 
democratic country of your choice (in a city hall, on Capitol Hill, in a
 tribunal, wherever), drop by and start insulting people at random, best
 if women and with explicit language. Then, try to convince the 
attendees that they should close their ears rather than try to censor 
you limiting your freedom of speech.

Let us know how it ended.