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Re: [ga] Message too long (>40000 chars)

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On 26-Jan-2000 Karl Auerbach wrote:
>> So we are not chosing between "moderation" and "no moderation".  We are
>> instead chosing between "conscious visible accountable moderation by
>> good guys" vs "stochastic malicious moderation by bad guys".  As things
>> currently stand, the "bad guys" are filtering "good guys" off the list. 
> Nonesense.  You are asserting that your sargeants can muzzle those who say
> things you don't like to hear.

This is absolutely nonsense, and it's time to just put an end to it.  The rules
do NOT provide for ANYONE to muzzle anyone for simply posting something that is
not agree with.  The rules ONLY apply to those who act with total disregard for
civil discourse.

If you MUST discuss this, at least stop telling lies about what the rules say.

This is really getting pathetic.  The rules are in place.  This discussion is,
for the most part moot, and is right now the single largest obstacle to getting
real substantive discussion going.

Right now I see you as being the perpetrator of that obstacle.  Does that put
you under the rules?  No, most emphatically it does not.  That is the point.  

But what you should think about Karl, is if it is appropriate for you to
continue this diatribe.  Do you even realize that your continued harping is
what is keeping any other discussion from going on?

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