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Kent Crispin Mantra/rant rebuffed to:[ga] Message too long (>40000 chars)

Karl and all,

  Agreed Karl Kents ranting is utter nonsense.  This however has been
his mantra for several years as you and some others on this list know.
I believe this is why he want to see some of us removed off this list
much like William Walsh does as well.  They both know that some of
us know their Mantra/Rant/games all too well, and are looking for a new
audience in which hay can make their pitch to uninterrupted.

  I don't know about you Karl, but I am not going to let that happen,
I hope you don't either.  Being purposefully misleading and disingenuous
as Kent Crispin is all to often is in and of itself disruptive and despicable.
But I tolerate it although occasionally I insure that it does not go
This IS appropriate list behavior in my and others minds, including yours
as you response to Kent here clearly indicates.  Thank you for it!  And I
hope you keep up the good work in this area in particular.

Karl Auerbach wrote:

> > So we are not chosing between "moderation" and "no moderation".  We are
> > instead chosing between "conscious visible accountable moderation by
> > good guys" vs "stochastic malicious moderation by bad guys".  As things
> > currently stand, the "bad guys" are filtering "good guys" off the list.
> Nonesense.  You are asserting that your sargeants can muzzle those who say
> things you don't like to hear.
> You have the power to cover your own ears.
> > This is acceptable to you, Karl, and others, but it is not acceptable
> > for ICANN.  It contradicts the very openness of which you are so fond.
> You sounds like Kafka - white is black, up is down, censorship is free
> speech.   Next you will be saying "We had to kill the mail list in order
> to save it."
> By-the-way, I object to your technique of asserting that you know what is
> and what is not acceptable to me.
> > It discriminates in favor of those who have been on the net for a long
> > time, who are familiar with email filters and other things.  It
> > discriminates in favor of those who have a high tolerance for verbal
> > abuse.  It discriminates in favor of those who don't care what they do or
> > say.   It discriminates in favor of those who speak thoughtlessly.
> If anyone out there needs help setting up their e-mail filters, they are
> free to ask for help, and I'm sure it will be provided.
> As for tolerance of abuse, I have a low tolerance for those people who
> insist on silencing others because it musses up their Martha Stewart
> lives.
> ICANN can not afford to further distance itself from those who are
> affected by the Internet.
> > Our resident kooks and thugs
> If you have a list of these, then you are free to establish your own
> filters.  Do us the courtesy of letting the rest of us chose who we
> believe are, or who are not, "kooks and thugs".
>                 --karl--


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