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Re: [ga] I propose that we close this discussion.

Kent - thanks for all the fud - but the ship is sinking.

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Kent Crispin wrote:

> We have reached the usual end of discussions of list rules.  The grim
> majority listens to the martyrs passionate speeches, and remains silent
> and unmoved; the martyrs are now falling on their swords.

Go ahead and play little hitler with Roberto - won't change the fact this
failure is burning fast.

> I support 100% Roberto's moderate and reasonable suggestion that we
> adopt the rules for the time being.  The current discussion is rehashing
> the same arguments over and over again.  Contrary to the histrionics and
> the demagoguery, the fate of the universe does not hang in balance. 

Are we voting again.  The chair has moved unilaterally without
support.  This is dictatorship and in a dictatorship there's no need to
offer any more support.

Joe Baptista