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Re: [ga] Re: Proposal for list rules/actions

William and all,

  More false aspersions casted by WXW.  A typical ploy considering
the obvious source.

  There are NO "Aliases" of INEGroup staff..   Sheeesh!  What an absurd
and paranoid displwy from WXW.

William X. Walsh wrote:

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> On 25-Jan-2000 Patrick Greenwell wrote:
> > Finally, if positions are going to be collected, and action is taken
> > based on the expression of those positions, let's call them what they
> > are: VOTES and not "opinion polls."
> How would you decide who was eligible to vote?  Do we let the multiple
> personality posting as INEGroup "staff" have a vote for each of his aliases?
> And not to attack Kent in any fashion, but he has also point out that he has
> dummy aliases on this list to counter effects of others who may be doing this.
> I have a problem with letting the GA decide anything by a direct vote at this
> stage.
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