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Re: [ga] Message from the ILLEGITIMATE Chair

Roberto and all DNSO'ers,

  As you well know, and everyone else also knows you were not legitimately

Roberto Gaetano wrote:

> Hi, Randy.
> You wrote:
> >please tell us again what your "proposals of only one month ago" are.
> I want to know what tasks we must immediately accomplish such that a
> formal decision/discussion/vote on the rules for voting must be ignored.
> >
> I was referring to my acceptance statement (see http://www.dnso.org/
> clubpublic/ga-nominations/Archives/msg00011.html), where I described
> what were the priorities for me in case I was elected.
> I am doing my best to stick to the programme I announced.
> >Randy
> >
> >BTW I hope that by speaking I have not now been placed on the filtered
> list.
> In fact, it is the other way around.
> People who do not behave are "excluded" from the filtered list, not
> "placed" on the filtered list ;>).
> Regards
> Roberto

James Touton
Legal and Policy Advisory Council,
INEGRoup (Stakeholder)

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