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Re: Re: [ga] Message from the Chair

Eric Weisberg wrote:

>Jumping to the next issue you mention, however, I do agree with those 
>suggest that the list be the assembly.  I think this is where the 
>and voting should occur.  Holding our meetings in physical space 
results in too
>significant a disenfranchisement of those not funded for perpetual 
>travel.  I hope the list rules are a step toward implementing on-line 

Point of clarification:

I don't think anybody is speaking of concentrating on physical meetings:
 obviously, the discussion shall be conducted mostly online, and yes, 
indeed, the intention of introducing the list rules is exactly to allow 
online discussion to happen in better conditions. Whether we will 
succeed or not, we will see shortly.

Second point of clarification:
I believe (and I let it to the debate) that the mailing list should be 
separated from the membership list, because they serve two separate 
purposes: the former is the site of the cyberdiscussion, the latter the 
site of the cybervoting.

I maintain my point that people that have enough interest to participate
 in the GA as members (whatever thet will be in the future) should not 
have as "membership fee" ;>) the obligation of subscribing to the GA 
list, but can easily participate in Constituencies and/or working groups
, and read the GA list archives.