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[ga] Membership roll versus discussion lists

At 16:21 25.01.00 -0600, Eric Weisberg wrote:
>Roberto Gaetano wrote:
> > ...the mailing list should be
> > separated from the membership list, because they serve two separate
> > purposes: the former is the site of the cyberdiscussion, the latter the
> > site of the cybervoting.
>I am confused.  Would the cybervoting/membership list have discussions?  How
>else could there be motions, seconds and debate of propositions?  Would it
>have a different function than the "cyberdiscussion" list?

This remains to be debated.....my thought would be that the "cybervoting" 
list  would not be a list at all, but a membership roll, with email only 
used for sending out ballots.

The process required to agree upon the text of those ballots then becomes 
the next piece of the puzzle to get agreement about.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway